Stnë Lamp, arises to give life to a lamp that remembers, and lets users see the silhouettes of icebergs and stones polished by the current of water, creating angled and chamfered faces depending on the point of view, which they remember to these elements of nature.
Designed to adapt to the needs of the user, it is adjustable in three heights, and the lampholder can be moved and rotated throughout the upper pole until it stops with the structural part that joins both axes. To support itself at the desired height, it has a hand-carved piece that is inserted into one of the three holes available, fixing and ensuring that the entire upper part does not drain downwards.
This lamp is built with 3D printed parts and natural beech wood sticks, the materials used are the marble PLA, for the base, the lamp holder and the structural piece and white or wood PLA for the cable and pen clamp pieces.
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